Volume 10 Issue 1 ( March 2023 )


A Review on Mechanical Properties and Response of Fibre Metal Laminate under Impact Loading (Experiment)

Murni Awi, Ahmad Sufian Abdullah


Fibre metal laminate (FMLs) are hybrid composite materials which consisted of metallic layers and fibre-reinforced polymer. Currently, FMLs are becoming increasingly utilized in a wide range of applications, such as aircraft, automotive, marine, sporting goods and medical due to their specific mechanical properties like superior impact resistance and fatigue resistance. ARALL (Aramid-Reinforced Aluminium Laminate), which is based on aramid fibres, GLARE (Glass Reinforced Aluminium Laminate), which is based on high-strength glass fibres and CARALL (Carbon Reinforced Aluminium Laminate), which is based on carbon fibres, are the most commercial products FMLs. This article analyzes pertinent literature associated with experimental work on FMLs and their constituent materials subjected to impact loading. It reviewed the mechanical properties, impact performance indices, crushing behavior, failure modes, and failure mechanisms of various FML structures with different variables (impact energy, fibre orientation, layup configuration, stacking sequence, metal arrangement, direction and type of reinforcement, laminate thickness, metal thickness) under impact conditions (lateral and axial impacts). Overall, the literature on the response of FML flat plate structures to axial impact loads is unreported, and the most current research focusing on the axial crushing of FML tubes. Hence, further studies are required to increase the applicability of FMLs in applications that may be impacted under axial loading.

Keywords: axial impact loading; experimental; fibre metal laminate (FML); impact response; mechanical properties