Volume 10 Issue 1 ( March 2023 )


Reducing Oil Leakage in Heavy Duty Transformers Made in Small-Scale Manufacturing Industry Through Six Sigma DMAIC: A Case Study for Jaipur

Neeru, Nitesh Singh Rajput, Arun Patil


The purpose of this study is to address the issue of oil leaks in transformers manufactured by small scale enterprises in Jaipur, India. The DMAIC technique of Six Sigma methodology was used to analyze the problem and develop solutions. The study focused on both newly manufactured and warranty-period transformers, and a number of design tools were used, including SIPOC, DEMATEL, Ishikawa diagram, P-chart, Pareto chart, and cause and effect matrix and diagram. The findings showed that Six Sigma can be an effective tool for small scale industries and their customers in resolving product issues. However, limitations of the study include the potential for inaccurate findings due to improper data gathering, as the available company data for Six Sigma analysis was minimal.
This study highlights the importance of adopting Six Sigma principles in small-scale manufacturing sectors, particularly in the production of oil-filled transformers, where a lack of research has been reported globally. By investigating the challenges faced by customers during and after the purchasing process, the study aims to assist companies entering the manufacturing industry by improving working conditions and reducing replication issues in the production process. The study's contribution is to fill the gap in research on the application of Six Sigma in the small-scale transformer industry and provide valuable insights for companies operating in this sector.

Keywords: Six Sigma, DMAIC methodology, Small Scale Industries, Oil Filled Transformers, Customer Complaints