Volume 10 Issue 1 ( March 2023 )


Use of Remote Sensing Data for Environmental Monitoring of Desertification

Alibek Yussupov, Raya Z. Suleimenova


The relevance of the study is conditioned by importance of problems of desertification of lands, included in system of providing natural resources for individual states and the whole geographical regions, and also efficiency of using modern methods of remote sensing of terrains for the effective solution of problem questions of ecological monitoring of desertification zones. The aim of this study is to investigate the data of remote sensing of terrains to assess the effectiveness of practical use of this methodology for solving the problematic issues of ecological monitoring of terrain desertification in the territories under consideration. The basis of methodological approach in this study is a combination of system analysis of various aspects of remote sensing technology application in various geographical regions with analytical study of problematic issues of ecological monitoring of land desertification, important in terms of their role in implementation of practical tasks faced by agriculture and industrial sector, in whose activities these territories are of significant practical importance. The main results obtained in the course of study are the land surface monitoring data obtained using satellite equipment, demonstrating the sequence of surface desertification stages, and clearly illustrating the possibilities of applying the surface remote sensing technology and the prospects for its subsequent application. The results and conclusions of this study are of considerable applied value from the standpoint of creation of effective methods of application of remote sensing technologies of territories, strategically important for operation of economy and industry of any state. Such technologies are also of considerable interest for employees of design offices and research institutes, engaged in development of modern methods of practical application of remote sensing technologies for assessing the degree of ecological desertification of the above-mentioned territories

Keywords: remote sensing; ecological desertification; ecological monitoring of desertification; system for receiving and processing information; space survey; receiving optical system