Volume 10 Issue 1 ( March 2023 )


Experimental Investigation of Conical Flow Meter for Truth-Flow Analysis of Wind Tunnel

Akhila Rupesh


Aerodynamic world relies on experimentation and obtaining practical results to solve complex real-life problems. The airflow characteristics are examined under different situations in aerodynamics, which allows for the solution of many real-life difficult problems. Although mathematical theoretical notions are developed to handle complex issues, they cannot be regarded as a credible source. As a result, finding experimental validation of those difficult challenges is critical. In most cases, the aerodynamic tool used to study the flow and its related characteristic is a wind tunnel. Wind tunnels generally explain the flow behavior over different bodies. But before performing experimentations with a wind tunnel, calibration needs to be carried out. In this paper, a five-probe conical flow meter has been used to ensure the truth flow inside a subsonic wind tunnel.

Keywords: Calibration: Flow Meter; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Wind tunnel