Volume 10 Issue 1 ( March 2023 )


Factors Assessment for Encumbering the Implementation of Sustainability Based Lean Six Sigma Practices in Food Supply Chain

Janpriy Sharma, MohitTyagi, Arvind Bhardwaj, Ravinderjit Singh Walia


Nowadays, there is a makeshift towards the concept of sustainability in the walks of business ventures. Food industries are struggling to cater the exponential population surge, across the globe. Hence to nurture the masses, Food Supply Chains (FSC) needs to relook their operational strategies for ensuring effective and efficient operations. In continuation to the same, various lean, six sigma theory-based fundamentals under aegis of sustainability need to be accumulated in the Food Supply Chain Performance Systems (FSCPS). But adoption of these theories confronts multiple issues which need to be investigated for the smooth adoption of these practices. To tackle the same presented work clusters the various encumbering concerns associated with the smooth adoption of these fundamentals in the dynamics of the FSCPS. Furthermore, to enrich the outcomes of the study, empirical analysis by implying the fundamentals of the neutrosophic theory is exercised. Implications of the presented work can enrich the decisional framework, policymakers to streamline the operating procedurals of FSC in compliance with the sustainability based lean six sigma practices.

Keywords: Sustainable Lean six sigma; Food supply chain;Neutrosophic set; Food industry