Volume 10 Issue 1 ( March 2023 )


Role of Building Automation Technology in Creating a Smart and Sustainable Built Environment

Dhawan Singh, Abinash Singh


In today's modern society, people are getting more conscious of the built environment's energy efficiency and sustainability. Sustainable architectural design reduces negative environmental effect by improving energy efficiency, health, comfort, safety, livability for inhabitants, and the ecosystem at large. Other considerations include effective maintenance and optimization of the resources. All of this is achieved by incorporating appropriate technology within the building. Recent developments in the field of IoT, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other smart wireless technologies could support solutions for building automation systems. Therefore, it is utmost important to determine the potential of these cutting-edge and smart wireless technologies for building automation and management. In this research work, the role of building technologies in creating a smart and sustainable built environment is identified and discussed. To emphasize the importance, a survey is being conducted to identify the current demand for building management systems, as well as their awareness and present scenario.

Keywords: Access control; artificial intelligence; integrated building management systems; internet of things; machine learning.