Volume 10 Issue 1 ( March 2023 )


Evaporative Cooling Technologies: Conceptual Review Study

Mohit Kalsia, Ankit Sharma, Rajneesh Kaushik, Raja Sekhar Dondapati


The technical advantages of using evaporative cooling have drawn the attention of many researchers and industrialist in the world. Moreover, evaporative cooling techniques have been found to be most promising alternative to the HVAC methods in various building applications such as residential, commercial, agricultural, institutional and industrial buildings. An extensive literature review on latest developments of evaporative cooling that might deliver efficient cooling relief, reduce carbon emission and energy utilization in the buildings was carried out in the present paper. Also, the paper contains study of working principle of evaporative cooling, various types such as direct evaporative cooling (DEC), indirect evaporative cooling (IEC) and combined (IDEC) evaporative cooling system. Evaporative cooling makes the air cooler by increasing its humidity level. Thereby, it can be observed from the paper that the evaporative cooling provides a promising way to reduce the energy consumption in hot and arid climate conditions. Also, it seems to be an economical and environment friendly cooling compared to conventional HVAC methods which will ensure a substantial saving of fossil fuel (coal, petroleum and natural gas) utilization and reduction of carbon emission allied to the buildings.

Keywords: Evaporative cooling; Building applications; HVAC; Cost effective