Volume 10 Issue 1 ( March 2023 )


Photovoltaic Panel Integration Using Phase Change Material (PCM): Review

Kamesh Verma, Om Prakash, A.S. Paikra, Piyush Tiwari


High operating temperature of solar photovoltaic panels induces a loss of energy output and causes structural damage, which in turn reduces the average lifespan and efficiency of photovoltaic modules. Study of various research, thermal energy storage is an effective way to collect and discharge waste heat from many thermal applications and solar photovoltaic panels. The main aim of present review is to study various photovoltaic-phase change material (PV-PCM) systems and focus on proper selection of phase changing material based on various parameter. By the study of various affecting parameters, it is found that organic phase change material contains with fins can primarily be used in the development of PV-PCM system.

Keywords: Photovoltaic Panel, Solar Efficiency, Phase change material (PCM), Heat transfer