Volume 10 Issue 1 ( March 2023 )


Novel Robotic Platform for Affordable and Customizable Testing and Prototyping

Jayesh Nagpal, Roop Lal, Ramakant Rana


The robotic platforms currently available for testing the software stability and functionality are expensive and are not highly customizable in terms of hardware. This makes the platforms out of reach of the grasp of researchers and small-scale start-ups. We have proposed a design of a robotic platform that is easier to manufacture and cheaper to build (totaling under USD 1000). The components used are easily available and are cheaper as compared to the components of currently available robotic solutions. The design features of the platform are explored along with factors and features that make the proposed platform favorable to small- scale researchers and start-ups. The components of the platform are discussed along with their purpose in the design. A model that is highly customizable, easy and cheap to manufacture, and capable of carrying out general tasks of navigation and manipulation was made. Scaling the model physically down to making its smallest gearbox (in wrist actuator) of about 10 cm in diameter, was also made possible using the design principles proposed in the paper. Further scope of improvement and ideas for the next version design were also explored.

Keywords: Robotics, Design, Robotic Arm, Degree of Freedom.