Volume 10 Issue 1 ( March 2023 )


Mini Review of Thermoelectric and their Potential Applications as Coolant in Electric Vehicles to Improve System Efficiency

Catur Harsito, Mufti Reza Aulia Putra, Daniel Aquino Purba, Teguh Triyono


Thermoelectric is a phenomenon of the temperature difference conversion into electrical energy or vice versa. The phenomenon has been developed into a module so that it can be used as a power generator or as a cooling/heating device. The use of thermoelectric can be further expanded as a system for generating small electrical energy and as a component for compact cooling and heating. If a unidirectional voltage is applied to the thermoelectric module, a temperature difference occurs between the two sides of the module. The cold side can be used as a cooler and the hot side can be used as a heater. Thermoelectric refrigeration technology has been applied in various applications such as beverage coolers and electronic coolers. However, the application of this technology in the vehicle still needs attention because it has good potential. Reviews relating to the application of thermoelectric cooling in vehicles are still not widely discussed, especially in terms of vehicles such as the performance of electric motors and braking. So, in this study, the use of thermoelectric as coolants in large components such as cooling in electric vehicles and braking components are discussed. Basic knowledge of the history, characteristics, performance of thermoelectric are also covered. Studies that had been carried out in several reported topics prove the potential and reliability of thermoelectric.

Keywords: Thermoelectric; Cooling System; Electric Vehicle; Braking System; Efficiency