Volume 10 Issue 1 ( March 2023 )


Investigation on Mechanical Behaviour of Fiber-Reinforced Advanced Polymer Composite Materials

Dipak S. Patil, M. M. Bhoomkar


Fiber Reinforced Polymer composites materials are replacing traditional composite materials practical applications for some years due to characteristics such as high durability, resistance to corrosion, flexural strength, in addition to outstanding mechanical properties specific towards the substance. Thus, the objective of current work is to investigate the manufacturing of multi natural fibre reinforced polymer composites, as well as study their mechanical characteristics, and set side by side them to those produced with a single natural fibre reinforced composite. Fiber-reinforced polymer composite’s density and hardness were determined to be within acceptable levels by conducting flexural and tensile strength tests on the composites. The ASTM standards samples method were utilised to produce the specimens of composite with varying fibre weight percentages using the hand-lay-up technique. Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) composite material has a maximum tensile strength of 240 MPa and can sustain that strength. The maximal impact strength of the CFRP composite is 69.21 KJ/m2. The performance of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer composites is found promising.

Keywords: Carbon fibers reinforced composites; Mechanical properties; Composite materials; Tensile Test