Volume 10 Issue 1 ( March 2023 )


Smart Farming: Integrated Solar Water Pumping Irrigation System in Thailand

Meilinda Ayundyahrini, Danar Agus Susanto, Hermawan Febriansyah, Fariz Maulana Rizanulhaq, and Gama Hafizh Aditya

The solar water pump is a system that uses electrical energy from the sun's light source. This technology has begun to be developed and applied to various aspects, one of which is the agricultural and plantation irrigation system in the concept of smart farming. The application of SWPS, which is user-friendly, easy to monitor and control, easy and inexpensive to maintain, and provides many benefits, makes this technology widely applied in the agricultural and plantation sectors, one of which is Thailand. This study aims to determine the application and usefulness of SWPS in agricultural and plantation irrigation, which is integrated into the smart farming concept. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. Collecting data is done through direct observation of SWPS users, while the analysis is carried out descriptively. Thailand uses SWPS in agricultural and plantation irrigation systems to support food security as part of implementing smart farming. SWPS has proven to be effective and efficient in providing water for irrigation. This technology is easy to operate and maintain and is inexpensive to maintain. The application of SWPS is also very much cheaper when compared to the use of diesel to drive pumps in agriculture or plantations, where the need is relatively high. Applying SWPS irrigation systems benefits farmers in terms of increasing the productivity of agricultural products, increasing income, increasing the efficiency of agricultural processes, and improving product quality.

Keywords: solar water pump system (SWPS), agriculture and plantation, smart farming, irrigation system.