Vol.27 No.2(1) [2005]

Fast Preparation and Shape Control of Metallic Nanostructures by Using Microwave Heating

Masaharu TSUJI, Masayuki HASHIMOTO, Yuki NISHIZAWA, Masatoshi KUBOKAWA, Kisei MATSUMOTO, Nobuhiro MIYAMAE, Takeshi TSUJI, Sachie HIKINO, Seong-Ho Yoon and Isao MOCHIDA


Microwave (MW) heating has received a considerable attention as a new promising method for the synthesis of metallic nanostructures in solutions. In this review, advantageous application of this method has been demonstrated by using typical examples for the preparation of Au, Ag, Au@Ag, and Pt/C nanostructures. No only spherical nanoparticles, but also single crystalline polygonal sheets, plates, rods, wires, and core-shell structures were prepared within a few minutes under MW heating. Morphologies and sizes of nanostructures could be controlled by changing various experimental parameters, such as concentrations of metallic salt and surfactant polymer, chain length of the surfactant polymer, and solvent. In general, nanostructures with smaller sizes, narrower size distributions, and higher degree of crystallization were obtained under MW heating than those in conventional oil-bath heating.