Vol.27 No.3(1) [2005]

Response Function of a 6Li Loaded Fast Neutron Coincidence Spectrometer

Masateru HAYASHI, Yukinobu WATANABE, Daisuke KAKU, Hideki NAKASHIMA and Kenshi SAGARA


We have investigated the response of a 6Li loaded neutron coincidence spectrometer to MeV neutrons. The spectrometer has a structure consisting of three 6Li-glass scintillators in a liquid organic scintillator BC-501A, which can detect selectively neutrons that deposit the full energy in the BC-501A using a coincidence signal generated from the capture event of thermalized neutrons in the 6Li-glass scintillators. The efficiency and response functions were measured using 4.7, 7.2 and 9.0 MeV mono-energetic neutrons, and were compared with those derived by combination with both neutron transport calculation in the spectrometer and scintillator response calculation. The calculation results showed fairly good agreement with the measured ones. Finally, the response function matrices were obtained for 1 to 10 MeV neutrons.