Vol.27 No.3(2) [2005]

Survey on Partial Load Characteristics of Household Air-conditioner and Seasonal Coefficient of Operational Performance Combined with Dynamic Heat Load Calculation

Takayuki HOSOKAWA, Tetsuo HAYASHI and Kouji NOMURA


Now, 90% or more of the air conditioner used at home is an ability changeable type of the inverter method. However, only the performance in the state of ratings of JIS is described in the catalog of the air conditioner, and the relation to the frequency of the inverter is uncertain. In this paper, the partial load characteristic and the dehumidification ability of the ability changeable type air conditioner of the inverter method are investigated. Moreover, a numeric computing model of a household air conditioner is constructed based on the investigation result, and period COP of the air conditioner is evaluated by the single room calculation.