Vol.28 No.2(2) [2006]

Influence of Stepwise Change of Irradiation Temperature on Microstructural Evolution of Alumina Dispersion Strengthened Copper Alloys



To investigate the effect of varying temperature irradiation on alumina dispersion strengthened copper alloys GridCop CuAl15, it were irradiated with 2.4MeV Cu ions up to 30dpa under 473K and 673K constant temperature and periodic temperature variation in the region of 473K to 673K. TEM observation of CuAl15 before irradiation revealed microstructure decorated high density of precipitates. After 30dpa at 673K constant temperature, voids were formed in CuAl15. However, the strongly dependence of grain size on void formation was observed. On the other hand, by periodic temperature irradiation, the number density of voids in CuAl15 was decreased as compared with 673K constant temperature irradiation. The result of CuAl15 is in good agreement with that of pure copper irradiated under same irradiation conditions.