Vol.28 No.4(1) [2006]

Biometric Imaging Using an Ultrashort-Pulse Radar.

Sunao TAKEMURA, Atsushi MASE, Yuichiro KOGI and Hitoshi HOJO


Recently there are much interests in using microwave radar for monitoring and diagnostics of living subjects. In contrast to infrared and visible lights, microwave can propagate through dielectric materials, such as, concrete wall, ground, and human body. An ultra-wideband (UWB) radar is the promising method of such detection, since it gives good spatial resolution as well as good penetration characteristics for various materials. In this report, we describe the development and application of an ultrashort-pulse radar (USPR) having ultra-wideband characteristics, which frequencies are in the range of 7-15 GHz. The simulation of breast cancer detection using the USPR is performed.