Vol.29 No.2(5) [2007]

Prediction of Dehumidification Amount of Room Air Conditioner

Takayuki HOSOKAWA Tetsuo HAYASHI Kouji NOMURA and Daisuke WATANABE


Room air conditioner is generally used for cooling in a house and removes sensible heat and moisture from indoor air. The room air conditioner doesn’t control indoor humidity, because it operates to make the indoor air temperature into the preset temperature. However, it is often calculated so that the indoor humidity can become set humidity. There are many studies about analysis of heat-mass transfer on cooling coils. They demand much information like the pitch of fins, the rows of coil, etc. However, it is difficult to consider them in calculation of the dehumidification amount in a house. Therefore, simpler calculation method for dehumidification amount load is necessary. This paper presents investigation of dehumidification performance of two room air conditioners on market and simple calculation methods of dehumidification amount of those.