Vol.29 No.4(5) [2007]

Effect of nuclear interaction loss of protons in the response of CsI(Tl) scintillator

Masateru HAYASHI, Yukinobu WATANABE, Jan BLOMGREN, Leif NILSSON, Angelica OHRN, Michael OSTERLUND, Stephan POMP, Alexander PROKOFIEV, Vasily SIMUTKIN, Par-Anders SODERSTROM and Udomrat TIPPAWAN


Nuclear interaction loss of protons in a CsI(Tl) scintillator has been measured at 160 MeV by direct exposure of ⊿E-E counter telescopes to proton beams delivered to the B beam line in the The Svedberg Laboratory (TSL). The experimental result shows a good agreement with a Monte Carlo calculation using the PHITS code, and the PHITS calculation is validated. The correction for proton loss in the CsI(Tl) response is estimated for proton energies up to 200 MeV on the basis of the PHITS calculation. The present correction method is applied to the data analysis of 175 MeV neutron induced proton production for carbon measured at the MEDLEY facility in TSL.