Vol.29 No.4(7) [2007]

An Indoor Humidity Fluctuation Model in Consideration of the Moisture Transfer on Interior Surface and the Verification of Its Accuracy

Takayuki HOSOKAWA, Tetsuo HAYASHI and Akihito OZAKI


Detailed equations of combined heat and moisture transfer have been proposed to analyze temperature and humidity fluctuation of walls. They are, however, too complicated to apply to transient room temperature and heat load calculation of multiple zone buildings. Therefore we proposed a simplified calculation method for sorption on walls. It is necessary to confirm the predictive accuracy of the indoor humidity when the simplified calculation method is applied. This paper describes that the indoor humidity fluctuation model applied the proposed calculation method, and the predictive accuracy of the model is confirmed by the comparison with the experiment. The experiment was carried out in the model house where the building materials to regulate an indoor humidity was set up. The measurement and calculation values were agreed and the effectiveness of the simplified calculation method was shown.