Vol.30 No.2(1) [2008]

Photochemical Removal of NO by Using 172-nm Excimer Lamp without Using Any Catalysts

Masaharu TSUJI, Masashi KAWAHARA, Makoto SENDA, Naohiro KAMO, Takashi KAWAHARA and Nobuyuki HISHINUMA


Photochemical removal of NO by 172-nm Xe2 excimer lamps (50 or 300 mW/cm2) was studied at 1 atm. In a batch system, NO could completely be converted to N2 and O2 in N2, and N2O5 and HNO3 in air after about 30 min irradiation using a 300 mW/cm2 high-power lamp. NO could also be decomposed in a flow system using the high-power lamp. The conversion of NO in N2 and air (10-20% O2) was 50% and 30-33%, respectively. The present results provide a new simple photochemical aftertreatment technique of NO in air without using any catalysts.