Vol.30 No.2(5) [2008]

Adsorption Characteristics of Methane, HFC-134a and R507A on Highly Porous Activated Carbon

Khairul HABIB, Bidyut Baran SAHA, Ibrahim Ibrahim El-SHARKAWY, Anutosh CHAKRABORTY, Kandadai SRINIVASAN and Shigeru KOYAMA


We have measured adsorption isotherms of methane, HFC-134a and R507A on highly porous activated carbon namely Maxsorb III, by using desorption method. The adsorption isotherms of methane, HFC-134a and R507A on Maxsorb III specimen are measured experimentally over a temperature ranging from 5 to 70 degree C. The pressure variation for methane + Maxsorb III and HFC-134a + Maxsorb III systems is from 2 to 20 bar. However, for R507A + Maxsorb III system the pressures are being varied from 2 to 13 bar. The experimentally measured isotherm data are fitted with Dubinin-Astakhov (DA), and Toth isotherm models and these data matched well within the acceptable uncertainty limits. The experimental data for methane have been extrapolated up to 25 bar. Furthermore, the isosteric heat of adsorption data of the assorted pairs are also measured as a function of temperature, pressure and uptake.