Vol.30 No.3(2) [2008]

A Study of Face Control Mechanism of Golf Putters by B-Matrix Method

Tetsuo SHIMIZU, Manabu TSUCHIDA, Kiyoshi TAKAHASHI, Kazuo ARAKAWA and Masanori SATOH


This paper demonstrates the use of the B-matrix method to analyze the putter movement and clarifies the control mechanism of the rotational motion of putter face. The B-matrix method, which is based on the Newton-Euler equation and is constructed from an acceleration matrix, can systematically analyze the linear dynamic response of rigid bodies. This method is particularly effective for rigid bodies with no obvious axes of symmetry and low angular velocities, such as golf putters. To analyze the putter face control mechanism, special attention is paid to the putter face rotational motion, i.e., the angular acceleration around the axis of the shaft. The contribution of input forces and moments on this angular acceleration is discussed quantitatively based on values of the B-matrix elements. Putter face is controlled skillfully by only one moment that negates the large angular acceleration along with the shaft axis derived from driving force and moment. B-matrix method has a potential to be a new design tool for golf putters..