Vol.30 No.4(1) [2008]

High Temperature Fatigue of Oxide-Dispersion-Strengthened Platinum Alloys

Naruaki TOMITA, Kazuo HAMASHIMA, Masatoshi MITSUHARA, Ken-ichi IKEDA. Satoshi HATA and Hideharu NAKASHIMA


High temperature fatigue of oxide-dispersion-strengthened (ODS) platinum alloys was investigated at 1673 K and 1473 K in air. ODS platinum alloys used in this study were composed of sintered Pt-10 mass% Rh (Pt-10%Rh) alloy matrix and dispersed zirconia particles. Fatigue tests were conducted in the tension-tension cyclic mode with the R-ratio value of 0.1. Fatigue fracture surface of the ODS alloys showed clear difference from those of conventional Pt-10%Rh alloys. The fatigue strength of the ODS alloys at high temperatures were about three times higher than that of the Pt-10%Rh alloys. The fatigue rupture time of the ODS alloys was comparable to creep rupture time under a condition of maximal stress, while the fatigue rupture time of Pt-10Rh alloys is comparable to creep rupture time under a condition of average stress.