Vol.30 No.4(3) [2008]

Evaluation of Heat of Adsorption of Methane, R507A and HFC-134a from Desorption Method

aKhairul HABIB, Bidyut Baran SAHA, Ibrahim Ibrahim El-SHARKAWY and Shigeru KOYAMA


This article deals with the evaluation of isosteric heat of adsorptions from adsorption of methane, R507A and HFC-134a on highly porous activated carbon of type Maxsorb III by desorption method The adsorption isotherms and heat of adsorption of methane, R507A and HFC-134a on the assorted adsorbent are measured experimentally over a temperature ranging from 5 to 70˚C. The pressure variations for methane + Maxsorb III and HFC-134a + Maxsorb III systems are from 2 to 20 bar. However, for R507A + Maxsorb III system the pressures are being varied from 2 to 13 bar. The heat of adsorption data are useful in designing adsorption cooling and storage systems.