Vol.31 No.1(2) [2009]

Direct synthesis of Cryolite type Li3FeF6 and its characterization as positive electrode in Li cell

Irina D. GOCHEVA, Yuichi KAMIMURA, Takayuki DOI, Shigeto OKADA, Jun-ichi YAMAKI and Tetsuaki NISHIDA


We have synthesized a Cryolite type iron hexafluoroferrates by mild chemistry complex formation reaction. For the first time their electrochemical properties as positive electrode materials in rechargeable batteries were studied. The alpha-Li3FeF6 delivered a 116 mAh/g reversible capacity at an average discharge voltage of 3.0 V maintaining good capacity retention of about 30 cycles at a 0.2 mA/cm2 rate. The preliminary results are reported.