Vol.31 No.1(4) [2009]

Experimental Evaluation of Adsorption Kinetics of Activated Carbon/HFC-134a Pair

Khairul HABIB, Bidyut Baran SAHA, Ibrahim Ibrahim El-SHARKAWY and Shigeru KOYAMA


This article deals with the experimental evaluation of adsorption kinetics of HFC-134a on highly porous activated carbon of type Maxsorb III by constant volume variable pressure (CVVP) method over a temperature ranging from 20 to 60 degree C. These data are useful for the operation of adsorption chillers and these data are unavailable in the literature. Data obtained from the kinetic studies were treated according to the various kinetic models with the Fickian diffusion model being the most suitable overall. Guided by the experimental measurements, the surface diffusion is also estimated and is found that it follows the classical Arrhenius law within the experimental range.