Vol.32, No.3(2) [2010]

Fabrication of Zr-Based High-k/Ge Gate Stack Structure with Ultra Thin GeO2 Interlayer

Kana HIRAYAMA,Yoshiaki IWAMURA, Ryuuji UENO, Haigui YANG, Dong WANG and Hiroshi NAKASHIMA


Zr-based high-permittivity (high-k) film/Ge gate stack structure with ultra thin GeO2 interface layer (IL) was fabricated by ultra-thin bi-layer (SiO2/GeO2) passivation on Ge combined Zr/SiO2 deposition and subsequent post deposition annealing (PDA). The best value of effective oxide thickness (EOT) was 1.1 nm. It was clarified that the interface state density (Dit) was decreased by nitrogen ions generated during TiN metal-gate deposition. We also investigated the effect of post-metallization annealing after Al deposition (Al-PMA). The Al-PMA was found to be very effective for a decrease in Dit. By using effects of nitrogen ions and Al-PMA, Al/TiN/ZrSiO/GeO2/Ge structure with Al-PMA at 400 degree showed EOT of 1.7 nm and Dit of 1×10^11 cm^(-2)eV^(-1) at around midgap.