Vol.32, No.3(3) [2010]

Performance Investigation of a Novel CO2 Compression-Adsorption Based Hybrid Cooling Cycle

Skander JRIBI, Shigeru KOYAMA and Bidyut Baran SAHA


In this paper, the performance of a CO2 based hybrid compression-adsorption cooling cycle is presented based on a transient mathematical model. In the proposed hybrid cycle two stage compression have been performed where CO2passes through the mechanical compressor at the low-pressure side. The compressed CO2 from the mechanical compressor is then adsorbed in the designated adsorbers of the adsorption cycle. The chiller response as well as the chiller performance in terms of cooling capacity and coefficient of performance (COP) are investigated for different desorption pressures and gas cooler outlet temperatures. This novel hybrid cooling system attains similar cooling power and two to three folds COP values than those of the conventional CO2 based vapor compression cycle with the same operating conditions. Therefore, the proposed system seems to be promising for automotive air-conditioning application where waste heat from engine is esteemed.