Vol.32, No.4(2) [2010]

Self Composed Si3N4-TiN Ceramics Prepared from Si-TiC-TiO2 Mixed Powders

Motoyuki MIYATA, Yuuichi SAWAI, Ken-ichi IKEDA, Satoshi HATA and Hideharu NAKASHIMA


We investigated the self composed Si3N4-TiN ceramics prepared from Si, TiC and TiO2 mixed powder compacts. Si3N4 matrix and TiN particles were formed during the sintering process of the ceramics. TiN particles in the self composed Si3N4-TiN ceramics were finely dispersed in comparison with those in the reaction bonded Si3N4-TiN ceramics. The fracture toughness of the Si3N4 ceramics was 5.0 MPa・m^(1/2) , which increased with the fine dispersion of TiN particles.