Vol.33, No.3(2) [2011]

Discussion of original data on cancer occurrences by exposure to low-level radiation based on error theory

Satoshi FUKADA


Hard controversy has been repeated on how large the number of solid cancers or leukemia as typical late effects is enhanced by exposure to low-level radiation or not. The most reliable data to answer it are published as Life Span Study (LSS) from Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF). However, the RERF report says that the Liner No-Threshold (LNT) model is applicable to the late radiation effects, because there is no reason apparently to deny it. In the present study, the error theory is introduced into the data of the RERF report, and quantitative discussion based on the error theory is made on how well the LNT model is applicable to the late effects in the low exposure range. So that, it is found that the LNT model is extrapolated also to the lower range of 0.1Gy-0.01Gy for occurrences of solid cancers and leukemia.