Vol.33, No.4(2) [2011]

Critical Number of Atoms of Bose-Einstein Condensates including Vortices

Akira OHTA


Bose-Einstein condensates including vortices are very interesting physical objects. In case of BEC not including vortices, one of the remarkable differences between attractive BEC and repulsive BEC is whether critical number of atoms exists or not. The critical number of atoms Nc exists in attractive BEC. And, if the number of atoms N is larger than Nc, the attractive BEC cannot keep itself stably and collapses. Nc does not exist in repulsive BEC. However, it has not been clarified whether such Nc exists or not in BEC including vortices. In this paper, we try to determine Nc of BEC including vortices by the theoretical analysis of the minimal energy state, and obtain the expressions of Nc. These show clearly that critical number of atoms exists in not only attractive BEC but also repulsive one.