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“Evergreen - Joint Journal of Novel Carbon Resource Sciences & Green Asia Strategy” is a refereed international open access online journal, serving researchers in academic and research organizations and all practitioners in the science and technology to contribute to the realization of Green Asia where ecology and economic growth coexist. The journal is jointly-edited by Leading Graduate School of Global Strategy for Green Asia, Research and Education Center of Carbon Resources, and Reseach and Education Center for Energy Materials, Devices, and Systems, Kyushu University and is published in September and March.

Asian academics and professions have made efforts to find solutions to the themes derived from natural, geographical, socio-economic and cultural conditions in Asia. The scope of the journal involves the aspects of science, technology, economic and social science. Namely, Novel Carbon Resource Sciences, Green Asia Strategy, and other fields related to Asian environment should be included in this journal. The journal aims to contribute to resolve or mitigate the global and local problems in Asia by bringing together new ideas and developments. The editors welcome good quality contributions from all over the Asia.


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