Resource Engineering

The Kyushu University Earth Resource Engineering Department (ERE) comprises of the former Mining and Engineering departments. The Mining Engineering Department in Kyushu University is one of the most important mining departments in Japan, and one of the few remaining mining departments in a national universities. It was opened in 1911 and has the longest history of any university mining department.

Materials Science

The Department of Molecular and Material Sciences (MMS) aims to provide comprehensive education and research by integrating the disciplines of physics, materials, and chemistry based on an overall view of science and engineering related to materials, and to train the next-generation of researchers and highly specialized engineers.

System Engineering

The department of Applied Science for Electronics and Materials (ASEM) aims to cultivate new engineers and scientists with a sophisticated and comprehensive perspective who are prepared for pioneering new fields in both science and technology.

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Faculty members of the department of Energy and Environmental Engineering (EEE) are engaged in research related to environmental protection and energy conservation.