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The department of Applied Science for Electronics and Materials (ASEM) aims to cultivate new engineers and scientists with a sophisticated and comprehensive perspective who are prepared for pioneering new fields in both science and technology. The diverse range of research fields offered by this department are as follows;

Electrical Process Engineering. This field aims to explore a new area of science and engineering which connects the micro world and the macro world from the perspective of electric engineering.

Materials Engineering. The field focuses on the creation and characterization of new optical/electronic materials such as thermoelectric materials, compound semiconductors, silicide thin films, shape-memory materials, hydrogen penetration materials, functional glasses, organic ultrathin films, and new solar batteries.

Process Engineering. This field involves research into the processing and development of carbon materials such carbon nanotubes, graphene, fibers, and C/C composites. The synthesis of new liquid crystal phases and their application to electro-optic devices; lithium-ion secondary batteries, metal-air batteries and thermochemical reaction systems for converting carbon resources such as coal, biomass and waste.

Carbon nanotubes grown along the atomic arrangement of the substrate surface.

A Plasma measurement experiment conducted with a laser.

A clean room for semiconductor research.