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Kyushu University has several dormitories for students. >>LINK

New dormitories have been constructed in 2012 near to Ito Campus, and a dormitory for international students on Chikushi Campus is now in the planning stage.

If you successfully pass the entrance examination of the graduate school, the next step is to prepare for your life in Japan. You will receive detailed instructions from Kyushu University to guide you through the process, such as the reservation of a room in a student dormitory and the acquisition of a visa.

In general, most international students can be housed in dormitories for a period of 6 months. After the expiration of this period students are offered assistance and support in order to move into private apartments.

Dormitory -1

It is a 10-story building for both Japanese and international students, and consists of common rooms on every floor and 254 single- rooms, each room is equipped with a desk, a chair, a bed, a small kitchen, a module bath and internet access. You can view several photos of the interior and exterior of the building by clicking on the following link.



This dormitory is designed for both Japanese and international students as well as visiting researchers from overseas, and has an auditorium and a coin-operated laundry.