The Green Asia Education Center (GA center) was established as the primary educational research facility of the Green Asia Program. Currently, 7 professors are exclusively dedicated to the various educational activities of the GA program. These activities also include the support of international students, under the leadership of the GA Center Director, prof. Akira HARATA. GA activities are undertaken by a close collaboration with faculty members from the programs four constituent departments.

All the members of GA center are looking forward to seeing you here at Kyushu University. We hope that you will value your time here and will make lifelong and valuable connections.


Professor and Program Coordinator of the Green Asia Education Center.

Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences.



・Environmental, and Societal Systems

Welcome to the Website of the GA Program! I’m Jun TANIMOTO, the Director of the Green Asia Education Center.

In this Program we have created something genuinely special. Through the support of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), we can offer the prestigious opportunity to 20 academically excellent and socially aware students each year. With 10 of these students being from Japan and 10 from potentially any nation in the world. This elite group are brought together in a unique learning environment, where they will be exposed to a range of stimulating subjects, lecture courses, guest speakers and overseas / domestic excursions. By facilitating a close interaction and comradeship between the two groups we hope to encourage all the students to develop an understanding of the key issues which currently face Asia and the world. Furthermore by being an integral component of a large and prestigious university such as Kyushu University, our student’s research potential is second to none.

In order to attract the most excellent candidates, we are able to offer a generous financial subsidy to ensure that all students can focus 100% of their creative energy on their research and learning activities.

Finally I would like to say to those of you who have a high academic aptitude, good English skills, an inquisitive nature and strong personal goals, please consider Kyushu University Green Asia Program and Japan for your graduate studies. You won’t be disappointed.

Yasuyuki NAKAO

Research Professor, Green Asia Education Center.


・Nuclear Science and Engineering.

・Fusion Plasma Science.


Welcome to the GA program. I was formerly a professor of applied quantum physics and nuclear engineering at Kyushu University until 2013. Recently I joined the staff of the GA Education Center. I believe that the GA program is a truly innovative concept that can offer opportunities for you to consider various problems related to energy, the environment and social systems on a global scale. Join the program. Let’s work together.

Hiroshi FURUNO

Associate Professor, Green Asia Education Center.


・Organic Chemistry.



Our program students have the opportunity to learn liberal arts such as Sociology, economics, and environmental sciences as well performing cutting-edge research in the physical sciences. Furthermore they will participate in various stimulating activities and excursions within Japan and overseas. Thus they will experience five years of challenging but fruitful work. Join our program, aim to be a leader!

Kyaw Thu

Associate Professor, Green Asia Education Center.


・Mechanical Engineering, Thermodynamics

・Heat transfer, Sorption, Energy Efficiency



The Green Asia (GA) program is designed to produce visionary leaders equipped with rigorous and versatile capabilities. Today, we are forced to tackle several environmental issues that menace our own existence. Thus, it is crucial our present and future leaders must be visionary and capable persons having deep knowledge and understanding of the sustainable and prosperous society. The program is designed to be enjoyable and effective, and is producing such talented leaders. Students will have opportunities to work and gain enormous experience at different laboratories from the leading Universities and industries. Field trips to several institutions, including the overseas corporations are arranged for the students to gain first-class exposure and improve their skills in communication, organization and leadership. This is an excellent opportunity to join a multidisciplinary training program whilst achieving a good research goal. You are invited to join this ambitious program and be part of the history-making team. Feel free to contact us and our friendly staffs will respond you with superb support.


Assistant Professor, Green Asia Education Center.


・Polymer Chemistry / Organic Chemistry and non-Linear Optics.



The Green Asia Program is a truly innovative and fresh concept. By the bringing together of academic high achievers from Japan and the wider Asia region we can foster a network of original thinkers. Here at Kyushu University we have the key components to propel our students to fulfil their maximum potential. I have studied or worked in three continents, three countries and four universities and here at the Kyushu University Green Asia Program we are pushing the boundaries of academic excellence. For those of you who are ambitious, motivated and capable of understanding the key issues from all angles. This Program is for you. Japan is a great place to live, study and work and I’m looking forward to seeing you here.


Assistant Professor, Green Asia Education Center.


・Quantum Chemistry,

・Theoretical Chemistry.


You're welcome to join our GA program! I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you in Japan. I'll do my best to make your campus life fruitful. Thank you.


Assistant Professor, Green Asia Education Center.


・Modern Western Philosophy.



I consider the complex issues from a philosophical and ethical point of view, by doing this we may challenge the established perceptions and prejudices which we all hold.


Assistant Professor, Green Asia Education Center.


・Comparative Environmental Politics,

・International Relations


I hope that by joining this program you will be able to advance your understanding of the environmental problems in Asia. We aim to help you reach your personal and professional goals through studying various stimulating topics and important subjects.

Naoko MAE

Assistant Professor, Green Asia Education Center.



・Environmental System


You can learn not only your major but also economics, and sociology in this program. This means you can look down at environmental issues in Asia. So it will be beneficial five years for you. I look forward to seeing you.

Takahiro FUNATSU

Assistant Professor, Green Asia Education Center.


・Mining Geomechanics

・Rock Fracture Mechanics


Economic activity in recent era is always related to international relationship. The person to be leader in this situation should have international and multicultural sense.

You will learn board knowledge through this program and visiting many domestic and international companies. You will also establish long lasting connection with your school mates who will become leader in various industries and countries in a future. I believe that this will be a great benefit of this program. I really hope you will enjoy life in Kyushu University.