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Over the last decade, the greater Asia region has undergone dramatic changes initiated by its rapid economic development. This in turn has put a huge amount of pressure on the regions natural resources and environment management procedures. Simple solutions are often difficult, complicated by the regions extremely diverse local culture, politics and differing political systems.

Despite these serious challenges, Asia has the potential to serve as a model region for the wider global community, in the relentless drive to enhance living standards, education and wellbeing of its people.

Green Asia

The concept of a“Green Asia” is a bold ideal. Some of the most challenging global environmental conditions now exist in Asia. Many developing countries face the difficult task of raising millions of citizens from extreme poverty. Consequently environmental concerns are often overlooked.

The key to this complex issue is scientific innovation and a transfer of knowledge from technologically advanced to less advanced nations.

Vast climatic variations occur between the main four islands, with Hokkaido in the north being subarctic, while Kyushu is subtropical.

Green Asia Program

This educational program aims to cultivate leaders in science and technology who are able to contribute to the realization of an Asia where ecology and economic growth can coexist.