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Admission-based Scholarships

Scholarships are gift funds awarded to students based on academic achievement; special talents, interests, or qualities; financial need; or other criteria defined by the scholarship donor. This page provides links to major scholarship sources.

"Intellectual Exchange and Innovation Program"

  • ▶ 145,000 yen per month for 3 years; it is enough to cover his/her living expenses.
  • ▶ Utmost 10 successful applicants in the screening of category D-a will be awarded from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan (MEXT).
  • ▶ The scholarship may be suspended during periods of leave of absence or when the student remains off campus for prolonged periods of time without authorization.
  • ▶ Travel Expenses
  • 1) Travel to Fukuoka: An economy class air ticket from the international airport closest to the student's home to Fukuoka International Airport will be provided.
  • 2) Return travel: An economy class air ticket from Fukuoka International Airport to the international airport closest to the departing student's home or the equivalent amount will be provided to those leaving after the scholarship period but before the expiry of the time limit designated by MEXT.
    Fees of travel insurance for both trips are to be paid by the student.
  • ▶ Tuition fees of students awarded this scholarship will be paid by Kyushu University, thus, the students do NOT need to pay tuition fee, enrollment, and administration fee.

The Advanced Graduate Program in Global Strategy for Green Asia (GA Program)

  • ▶ The allowance of up to 1.6 million JPY (approximately $ 16,000 USD) per year for 5 years; master/doctor unified course.
  • ▶ All successful applicants in the screening of GA program will be awarded the allowance from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).
  • Now the applicaton forms/guideline are available for the enrollment in Oct, 2015.

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho MEXT) Scholarship

  • ▶ This Scholarship supports international students who are selected by the recommendation of a Japanese Embassy/Consulate General, University, or Authority.
  • ▶ Japanese embassies and consulates call for applications in March-April and conduct the initial screening (document screening, written test, and interview) in May-June.
  • ▶ After the initial screening, MEXT conducts a second screening, has a consultation with Kyushu University, and finally decides who is to be offered a scholarship.
  • ▶The applicants who succeed in the initial screening are required to obtain a “Letter of Acceptance”from the university in June-August.
  • ▶In advance of this period, the applicants must contact a Kyushu University professor to obtain his/her consent to be a supervisor (Arrival in Japan: April or October).

The application procedure for this scholarship is summarized here.

Detailed information is provided at

Kyushu University Friendship Scholarship

The 2014 Scholarship Application has begun. (Updated on Feb. 4th, 2014)


Kyushu University invites students from abroad who attend prestigious universities in their home country and who will play an important role in their nation’s future. By offering them a chance to study abroad at Kyushu University, the scheme aims to foster the nation’s future leaders, maintain good relations with Kyushu University, and play the role of point of contact to cultivate joint research and bring in external capital depending on their course or career after graduation.

  • 1) Eligibility:
    Undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in a non-Japanese
    university that is recognized as a leading university in that country
    and has been producing graduates playing an active part as leaders
    within every sector of society.
    Term of Study: 3 to 12 months
  • 2) Number of Students:
    JLess than 8 people within the budget for each of two terms.
  • 3) Grants
      - Travel expenses up to 100,000
      - Scholarships 80,000 JPY per month for undergraduate students
                        100,000 JPY per month for graduate students
  • 4) Examination and matriculation fees and tuition will be waived
    according to the provision in an agreement or memorandum of student
    exchange signed between the recipient’s home university and Kyushu

Detailed information is provided here.