Notification [For Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences]

You may find some information that has been already announced from the Student Affairs Division.

1. How to get information from the Student Affairs Division

This is to let you know some ways to obtain the information from the Student Affairs Division. We update the Student Portal Site “Campusmate-J” to announce the information to all the students. Please see the page for more details since some other ways to get the information are also on it.

2. IGSES Requirement Process for the Dean’s Official Seal

This is to notify you how to apply for a school official approval with the Dean’s seal such as for internship purpose. Please note that you need to apply for the university approval with the Official seal at the Department Office 7 days before you need*.

*If it is necessary to make contract with companies by the format of Kyushu University, the Student Affairs Division will take care of the issue. Please be reminded to consult the section early enough since it takes longer than usual to go through the new contract.