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Misconduct during Exams

Rules on Misconduct during Examinations and Assignments

Please undertake examinations and assignments with a sincere attitude since strict measures such as the following will be taken if misconduct is discovered. Intentional breaches of instructions or other wrongful acts regarding examinations at the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences will not be tolerated.

All courses which have been completed by the student at the Graduate School excluding experiments, seminars and practical training will be invalidated for the semester in which misconduct was proven (first semester or second semester).
Ex) In the case where misconduct has been identified in an examination of the summer semester, all the completed courses in the spring semester and summer semester will be invalidated.

【Applicable Examinations and Assignments, etc.】
The following examinations and assignments are subject to the above penalty.
 (1) Any written examination (including quiz) for the evaluation of academic achievement.
 (2) The examinations and assignments specified in advance by the class instructor or the department that offers the course.

【Misconduct during Examinations and Assignments】
The following actions will be considered as misconduct.
(1) Impersonating or being impersonated by another.
(2) Cheating and assisting the cheating of another during the examination.
(3) Use of prohibited materials during the examination.
(4) Interference with the normal operation of the examination.
(5) Interference with the applicable examinations and assignments conducted by the class instructor for the evaluation of academic achievement.

May 2020
Student Affairs Section in Chikushi Campus