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Handling Rules on the Misconduct during Examinations and Assignments

Please take examinations and assignments in a fair attitude since the strict measures such as the following will be taken if misconduct, breaches of instructions or other wrongful acts are discovered regarding the examinations at the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences.

All the course registration of that student at the Graduate School excluding experiments, seminar and practice will be treated as invalid for that semester (first semester or second semester)
Ex) In case of the misconduct has identified in the examination of the summer semester, all the course registration in spring semester and summer semester will be treated as invalid.

【Applicable Examinations and Assignments, etc.】
The following examinations and assignments are subject to the above penalty.
 (1) The written examination (may include quiz) for the evaluation
   of the academic achievement.
 (2) The examinations and assignments specified in advance
   by the class instructor or the department offers the course.

The following actions will be considered as misconduct.
 (1) Be impersonated by another person.
 (2) Cheat and assist cheating during examination
 (3) Use prohibited material during exam.
 (4) Interfere with the normal operation of the written examination
 (5) Interfere with the applicable examinations and assignments conducted
   by class instructor for the evaluation of the academic achievement.