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Academic calendar (2017)

First Day of Spring Semester Apr.1(Sat)
Spring Break Apr.1(Sat) - 9(Sun)
Kyushu University Entrance Ceremony (Spring) Apr.5(Wed), AM
IGSES Freshmen Orientation Apr.5(Wed), PM
Seminar on Laboratory Safety Apr.5(Wed) - 11(Tue) Freshmen of Master Course Freshmen of Doctoral Course
Department Orientation Apr.6(Thu)
Medical Checkup 1 Apr.7(Fri), AM 1st-year Master's Students
Classes of Spring Quarter Start Apr.10(Mon)
Medical Checkup 2 Apr.12(Wed), AM 2nd-year Master's Students
All Doctoral Students
University Memorial Day May 11(Thu)
Classes of Spring Quarter End Jun. 7(Wed)
Classes of Summer Quarter Start Jun. 8(Thu)
Classes of Summer Quarter End Aug.10(Thu)
Summer Break Aug.11(Fri) - Sep.30(Sat)
Kyushu University Commencement (Fall) Sep.25(Mon), AM
IGSES Commencement (Fall) Sep.25(Mon), PM  
Last Day of First Semester Sep.30(Sat)
First Day of Second Semester Oct.1(Sun)
Kyushu University Entrance Ceremony (Fall) Oct.2(Mon), AM
Classes of Fall Quarter Start Oct.3(Tue)
Seminar on Laboratory Safety Oct.6(Fri), PM) Freshmen of Master Course
Freshmen of Doctoral Course
Kyudai Festival Oct.6(Fri) - 9(Mon)
Classes of Fall Quarter End Dec.1(Fri)
Classes of Winter Quarter Start Dec.4(Mon)
Winter Break Dec.26(Tue) - Jan.7(Sun)
National Center Test for University Entrance Examinations Jan.13(Sat) and 14(Sun)
Classes of Winter Quarter End Feb.20(Tue)
Undergraduate School Entrance Examination(1st period) Feb.25(Sun) and 26(Mon)
Undergraduate School Entrance Examination(2nd period) Mar.12(Mon)
Kyushu University Commencement (Spring) Mar.20(Tue), AM
IGSES Commencement (Spring) Mar.20(Tue), PM
Last Day of Second Semester Mar.31(Sat)

Note that classes might be conducted during the period of examinations and holidays as needed.