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Official Student Documents

Official Student Documents

If you require official notification of your results, enrolment, or course completion, the IGSES Student Affairs Division can help. They provide a number of official documents pertaining to your enrolment status and academic record at IGSES.

Please download an application document from the below links, fill out required information, and prepare the following materials.

  • (1)  A student identification card, if you are a student of KU.
  • (2)  Identification such as a driver's license if you have completed your graduate program or have left school.

✔️ Request by proxy

  • (1)  Identification of an applicant
  • (2)  Identification of the proxy
  • (3)  A letter of proxy

● If you prefer to visit the office of the IGSES Student Affairs division in Chikushi Campus, please bring all the materials mentioned before with you.

● If you request to send a certificate by post, please post your application form with the following materials to the IGSES Student Affairs division.

  • (1)  A self-addressed envelope
  • (2)  A copy of your identification
  • (3)  Postage stamp of 84-yen and extra for a return mail. As the postage differs based on weight, enclose some extra stamps. Any excess stamps will be returned.

As for the case of ordering by proxy, in addition to the above documents, please enclose a copy of identification of the proxy and a letter of proxy.

If you are outside Japan and need a certificate, please first contact with us at srkkyomu@jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jp .

Postal Address: IGSES Student Affairs Division
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences,
Kyushu University
6-1 Kasuga-Koen, Kasuga-shi, Fukuoka, 816-8580, Japan
Tel +81-92-583-7517, FAX +81-92-583-8988


Application form for ordering certificates

Type of document
Application Form
● Student registration certificate
● Academic transcript
● Master Degree certificate
● Doctoral Degree certificate
● Withdrawal statement
● School attendance statement
Application Form in Japanese (PDF)
・Application Form in Japanese (WORD)
・Application Form in English (PDF)
・Application Form in English (WORD)
A certificate will be issued by the dean of IGSES.
● Prospective completion statement
● Prospective withdrawal statement
Application form needs to be seal-affixed by the department chairperson.
A certificate will be issued by the dean of IGSES.
Certificate of degree
 (Doctoral Degree including the Degree Number)
・Application Form
(PDF 111kB)
A certificate will be issued by the President of Kyushu University.

Note that it takes 7 working days for issuing a certificate.