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Assoc. Prof. Osama Eljamal


▶Environmental Engineering


Modeling of reactive solute transport in porous media; Modeling of Groundwater and remediation of groundwater; Water and astewater treatment; Water distribution systems; Sustainable water resources management; Nanotechnology for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Assoc. Prof. Dong WANG


▶Electronic Materials Engineering

▶Semiconductor Materials Engineering



Technology development for Ge-CMOS and Ge-CMOS

compatible high-performance Ge-optoelectronics


Faculty members of the Campus Asia EEST

Prof.  Tetsuo TANABE


▶Nuclear Materials

▶Tritium Science and Technology


Plasma-Wall Interactions in Fusion Reactor


Faculty members of the Green Asia Education Center

Prof. Yasuyuki NAKAO


▶Nuclear Reactor Physics

▶Fusion Plasma Science


Collisional and nuclear processes in ultra-high density matters;

Inertial confinement fusion;

Possibility of advanced fuel fusion;

Unsolved problems in big-bang nucleosynthesis

Assoc. Prof. Hiroshi FURUNO


▶Organic Chemistry


Fine organic synthesis; Asymmetric catalysis;

Rare earth metal complex catalyst;

Environmentally-friendly synthetic method;

Reusable catalyst; Self-organized polymeric complex catalyst;

Ionic liquid as reaction media;

Chirality sensing and probing

Assoc. Prof. Kyaw Thu


▶Mechanical Engineering ▶Thermodynamics

▶Heat transfer ▶Sorption ▶Energy Efficiency


Theoretical and experimental analysis of Sorption systems (adsorption & absorption) for HVAC ,desalination application,

Polygeneration systems,

Indirect evaporative cooling,

Thermal and membrane desalination systems (Multi-effect, membrane distillation and hybrid cycles)

Second law analysis of various thermodynamic systems

Assis. Prof. Andrew SPRING


▶Polymer Chemistry

▶Non-Linear Optics


Design and preparation of high Tg poly(norbornene) derivatives

by Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization (ROMP) for use

as electro-optic (EO) polymer hosts for high molecular

hyperpolarizability chromophores.

Assis. Prof. Yuuichi ORIMOTO


▶Quantum Chemistry ▶Theoretical Chemistry


Development of highly-efficient calculation method for the

electronic structure of huge bio-molecules; Development of

quantitative analysis method of intra-molecular orbital

interactions (stereoelectronic effects etc.); Quantum chemistry

based design of conductive, magnetic, and non-linear optical

organic materials

Assis. Prof. Takashi WATANABE


▶Modern western philosophy


Environmental philosophy concerning scientific uncertainty

and ignorance; Philosophy of science

Assis. Prof. Tomoaki WATANABE


▶Comparative Environmental Politics

▶International Relations


International Environmental Politics, Basel Convention on

Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Waste,

Global Governance on Environmental Standard

Assis. Prof. Naoko MAE


▶Sociology ▶Environmental System


Development of methods for energy and environmental
assessment, Design of community for low carbon recycle-based society, Theory of internet community

Assis. Prof. Takahiro FUNATSU


▶Mining Geomechanics  ▶Rock Fracture Mechanics


Evaluation of rock fracture process, Rockmass stability analysis under deep underground condition