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  • Joao Tales Oliveira da Silva, Ph.D. 2012 (Brazil)


    Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

    Doctoral degree supervisor :

     Prof. Jun Tanimoto , Asso.Prof. Aya Hagishima


    I studied urban and architectural environment engineering during my master and doctor courses in Kyushu University, from 2005 to 2011. It was a long time of hard working, difficult and good moments, but I learned a lot from my supervisors and colleagues about perseverance and attitude towards research and knowledge. It can be summarized in the word “kufuu”, a word I heard often, that means to ingeniously device a way, a method to solve a problem or situation. That attitude I still carry in my professional life.

    Life in the campus and in Fukuoka is really exciting because the city is not too big and it has everything you need. The campi of Kyushu University have excellent infrastructure, so a student will have everything he/she needs to succeed in his/her studies. I recommend it to anyone avid to study and pursuing knowledge.

  • Dang Wan, Ph.D. 2013 (China)

    ・Process integration engineer

     Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., R&D Division

    Department : Applied Science for Electronics and Materials

    Doctoral degree supervisor :

     Asso. Prof. Katsuhiko Fujita


    I studied organic semiconductor as a doctoral student in Kyushu University from 2009 to 2012. During the time in Japan, I was often surprised and inspired by the hard working, sharp thinking, rigorous and persistence attitude of my supervisor. Study and research in the lab was not easy, but I learned so much from it which could inspires me in the following time.

    Besides, people around are very kind, once you have questions or troubles, you can always get many kind help. In addition, there are lots of events in the campus, and you could have so much fun from them such as experiencing Japanese tradition, getting along with friends from other backgrounds.

    As the center of Kyushu area, it is very convenient to go to other areas from Fukuoka. The city is not big, but lovely, and very comfortable to live here. You could find many sides of it, modern, traditional, quiet, exciting. Come! You are going to love it!

  • Huihui Sun, Ph.D. 2012 (China)

    ・Research fellow, Department of ESST at Kyushu University

    Department : Earth System Science Technology

    Doctoral degree supervisor :

    Prof. Yusaku Kyozuka


    My first impression of Japan is its cleanliness. Every time I flew back to Japan from other countries, I felt refreshed and full of energy when I landed on this soil. 

    Fukuoka is not as big and busy as Tokyo, but it is quite suitable for living. Here is not that crowded and everything is in good order. People are very kind and friendly who are always there to help you. Walking around the business district of Fukuoka, you can find everything you want and experience the pleasure of superb cuisine from different countries. If you like hot springs, Fukuoka is definitely the right place for you. If you want to explore the beauty of Fukuoka, visit a nearby beach, and feel the warm and welcoming breeze brushing against your face. You will know what I am talking about!

    I have been in Kyushu University as a PhD student to a research for over 3 years, and I learnt so much from the knowledgable and keen professors who are dedicate into research. Sometimes, they seem to be a little strict on us but their intention is for the highest standards of research.  In fact, the professors are quite humorous, and share laugher and joke with students in private. Also, the staff at the International Student & Researcher Support Center are enthusiastic to help us solve and overcome all kinds of problems to make us feel comfortable living here as “aliens.”

  • Abdelmomen Mahgoub, enroled in Oct 2011 (Egypt)


    Department : Applied Science for electronics and materials

    Doctoral degree supervisor :

    Prof. Ichiro Sasada


    Back at my home country, it was a very difficult decision for me to continue my PhD in Japan. I was worried if I could handle a life in a very different country with a language I could hardly speak or read. But after my first 3 months my ultimate opinion is that this is an unforgettable experience.
    Upon arriving at Fukuoka I was met by members from the support center at the airport and taken to my dorm where I was to spend the next 6 months. Once I was situated, there were so many things to do such as getting your alien registration card, bank account set up, and your cell phone. Each student is assigned a tutor and they really go all out to make sure you have everything you needed for your stay in Fukuoka.  
    Studying at Kyushu University has been a great learning experience. Working at the frontier of technology and science is very challenging and provide me with a great chance to learn and to have the knowledge and experience required to continue my career in any position I want to apply for. Kyushu University and its staff provide a research friendly environment in which a continuous guidance, proper facilities and tools are available for students.
    People here are very friendly, smiley, and helpful. And they have great respect and understanding to others culture. Professors are great and have a wealth of knowledge. Enjoy you stay. It is an unforgettable learning experience.

  • Dr. Ibrahim I. El-Sharkawy, Ph.D. 2006


    ・Associate Professor, Mansoura University, Egypt

    Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

    Doctoral degree supervisor :

    Prof. Shigeru Koyama, Prof. Bidyut Baran Saha


    I joined Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences as a Ph.D. candidate in 2003. It was the first time for me to visit Japan and to get in touch with Japanese culture. The courtesy and kindness of Japanese people impressed me greatly. I and my family really enjoyed our stay at lovely city, Fukuoka.
    It was an exciting experience with Japanese culture, food and lifestyle.

    Right after graduation in 2006, I joined Kyushu University once again as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow under Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). It was amazing to work with the same research group and to enjoy the beauty of Japan.

    I believe that Kyushu University is one of the most wonderful and great places to conduct your postgraduate study. It is a great opportunity to meet people from all around the world and get in though with different cultures, and to share your ideas and experience. Here, you will find professional and helpful supervisors, unlimited support from technical staff and students as well.

  • Dr. Shaban Mahmoud, Ph.D, 2009 (Egypt)


    ・Assistant Professor at Aswan University, Egypt

    Department : Applied Science for Electronics and Materials

    Doctoral degree supervisor :

    Asso. Prof. Tsuyoshi Yoshitake


    Since the first day of my enrollment to the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences (IGSES), I found a very excellent environment for education and research. As a foreigner, I received an intensive support and kind help form the IGSES staff, my Japanese colleagues, and my supervisors. The graduate school appointed a tutor for me who helped me in filling forms, selecting housing, enrolment of my kids to kindergarten, and many other things. The IGSES also prepared special Japanese language courses for beginners, which helped me to cope with some daily life situations especially outside the university. Inside my laboratory, I learned so many advanced techniques and skills, including theoretical and experimental research. I did all my research and study in English language. I received a high quality education and could do an excellent scientific research. With a great help and continuous support from the IGSES academic staff and my supervisor, I was able to publish several papers and articles in high impact journals even in the first year of my enrollment. The IGSES and the laboratory also provided me with sufficient funding to travel inside and outside Japan to attend local and international conferences. Moreover, the IGSES facilitated printing of several copies of my thesis. Actually, I enjoyed my stay and study in the IGSES and finally I graduated on time. Studying in the IGSES has really inspired my future ambitions.

  • Alicia María Murga Aquino, enrolled in 2013 (El Salvador)

    Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

    Doctoral degree supervisor :

     Assoc. Prof. Kazuhide Ito


    I have been living in Kasuga City for eight months now; for six months I have studied in Chikushi Campus and I couldn’t be happier with my current status in Japan. I have found plenty of people (foreigners and Japanese) who are willing to guide me in my student life, making it a gratifying experience. Classes are interesting, allowing me to give my very best; teachers are reliable and experienced and the environment in my lab is quiet and cozy. Every morning I come to university with new expectations, attend my classes and do my lab work with the knowledge that I am in a safe place that allows me to improve personally and professionally. As for Kasuga, the city is a beautiful and quiet place balanced between relaxing and modern places that can be enjoyed during recreational times.

    As a foreigner student in Chikushi Campus I can only say that I relish every second of my Campus life and look forward to my everyday adventure. I invite you all to share my experience in Japan at Kyushu University and hope to see you soon at Chikushi Campus.

  • Azli Bin Abd Razak, Dr. Eng 2013 (Malaysia)

    ・Sinior Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

    Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

    Doctoral degree supervisor :

    Prof. Jun Tanimoto , Asso.Prof. Aya Hagishima


    I came to Kyushu University in 2009 to study PhD in Environmental Engineering.  I discovered my passion in research and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the freedom in learning and in finding out things for myself. The other experiences that I enjoyed doing my PhD in Kyushu University was the amazing supervisors I had. They are sharp thinkers who are  incredibly receptive to new ideas, and  they are also generous to share their knowledge and experience with the students. The Graduate school and the laboratory members made me felt welcome and I’ve made friends from different backgrounds all over the world.  I enjoy being part of a multi-disciplinary research group where I have so much to learn, but something to give back too.

    Fukuoka is a lovely small city with just about everything within an easy bike ride or walk. I find Fukuoka a pleasant yet exciting place to live. I have greatly enjoyed my time at Kyushu University, and I strongly encourage you to apply.

  • Sheikh Ahmad Zaki Shaikh Salim, Dr.Eng. 2011 (Malaysia)

    ・Senior Lecturer, Malaysia-Japan International Institute of

     Technology (MJIIT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

    Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

    Doctoral degree supervisor :

    Prof. Jun Tanimoto , Asso.Prof. Aya Hagishima


    I came to the Kyushu University in 2008 to study PhD in urban and architectural engineering laboratory. I have always been fond of doing research and discovering new things while at the same time enjoying the camaraderie within my work environment. Lucky for me, I have experienced all these within the community of the Graduate school. In my research laboratory, my supervisors are highly qualified personnel with honorable character; the success of my research and many others is attributed to their continuous support and credibility. Within the duration of my study, I have seen an entirely different environment from which I have learnt so much thanks to the staff and students whom I have the privilege of calling them my friends. The good values and lessons I have learnt here are irreplaceable resources that I will continue to appreciate and practice for the benefit of myself and especially people around me. In addition, my daily life in Japan became more convenient with the great support from “International Support Centre” staff. They are really fantastic for assisting us. The language is not the obstacle for you to study in this campus since most of the people here are really kind and willing to assist you.

    This campus is located in the city of Fukuoka, which is a beautiful city with many great attractions. A simple walk or bike riding within the campus and around the city can help ease your mind. Being one of the top universities in the world, on top of its wonderful community, Kyushu University is a great place to learn and enjoy learning. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to apply.

  • Fauziah Jerai, enrolled in 2013 (Malaysia)


    Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

    Doctoral degree supervisor :

    Prof. Shigeru Koyama


    Chikushi Campus is a very pleasant place to enjoy life as a student. The university/ laboratory provides you with a complete world-class facilities for the student pursuing his/ her research interest. The learning process in the laboratory is the most precious that I can get and I am sure the experienced itself enhanced the maturity level in my field. Besides that, the support staff whose are the expertise in their field will always be there to support you as needed.

    I also enjoyed the beautiful scenery that I can catch only within the campus. You can view beautiful colorful trees during fall or magnificent blooming sakura during spring.

  • Dr.Sausan Said Marhoon Al-Riyami, Ph.D 2013 (Omani)

    ・Lecturer of Physics

     German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech)

    Department : Applied Science for Electronics and Materials

    Doctoral degree supervisor :

     Asso. Prof. Tsuyoshi Yoshitake


    I had a great chance to study both my master and my PhD degree in Japan that was financially supported by Monbukagashu scholarship. During my study till today I almost received a common question “why did you select Japan?” and my answer is “why not? ”. There are many reasons to make Japan the first in my list. The most important reason is the unique culture that it has. During my study I could able to learn a lot about Japanese and it was a great experience to me. In my opinion such an experience I can’t hear it from someone or read it from a book. I should feel the experience by myself.

    Fukuoka was a lovely city and easy going. Additionally, Kyushu University was an excellent environment for research and study and with the great help and support that I received from my supervisors, colleges and kind people surrounded me I could able to successes. I had also an opportunity to know more about not only Japanese but also about several cultures, since Kyushu University consider as an international University. In short my experience in Kyushu University was the most important key to my future.

  • Muhammad Sultan, Enroll in October, 2012 (Pakistan)


    Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

    Supervisor : Asso. Prof. Takahiko Miyazaki


    In October 2012, I joined the IGSES-Kyushu University as a PhD student on Japanese Government Scholarship, Monbukagakusho under MEXT. It was amazing to see beautiful and highly developed Japan. I am really impressed with very polite Japanese Nation and their helping attitude. I enjoyed the Japanese culture and food especially Nabe and Miso soup, I like a lot. I cannot forget the time I passed at Kyushu University; The Hanami, Sakura, New year, Golden weeks, Shinkansen, Outing late nights, Newly born baby and many more. How can I ignore Kasuga-koen, a lot of memories of my family especially my son are connected with this wonderful park. Each and every moment of my life, it will give me a feeling of happiness.

    I will miss my Lab so much; it’s the best lab in the world. We used to have group studies, parties, gatherings, fun and helping each other. How easy is the research under the kindness of my Professors and support from the Lab-mates. I am very happy to be a student in such a high level University and more than happy to have such a Professor. My family and I will miss the events arranged by Kyushu University, support from the KU-support center and indeed special help from my tutor.

    To the new student reading this message, I want to say that IGSES-Kyushu University is the best place to conduct your research and enjoy your life at full scale. It has the best research facilities of the world and highly brilliant staff. The kindness and support by the professors will make your research easy and smooth. Surely you will enjoy each and every day of your stay in this University.

  • Lee, Hou-Yi, Enrolled in 2013 (Taiwan)


    Department : Advanced Energy Engineering

    Supervisor : Asso. Prof. Naoji Yamamoto


    I started to work as assistant at National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan) after the completion of master course in the same university, and thorough the experience, I gradually became to have a desire to deepen my research about space propulsion systems and plasma sciences more intensively, choosing to enroll in IGSES. The laboratory where I currently belong to is active in the research areas of space engineering, particularly the development of space propulsion and the fundamental study of plasmas. In addition, the Department of Advanced Energy Engineering Science (AEES) provides various courses on the fundamental knowledge of such as plasma, control engineering, and quantum mechanics taught by kind and keen professors. Furthermore, I have been stimulated with various research conferences and colloquiums where I can meet with many researchers from different universities, institutes and interdisciplinary fields. In conclusion, IGSES and Chikushi Campus is one of the best places for researcher who wants to cultivate their specialty.
    As for the everyday life in Japan, I have confronted happenings or troubles due to the cultural difference and language barrier as a foreigner; however, fortunately, professors and clerical staff kindly support my life with warm and open mind.
    In Chikushi Campus, various opportunities for the international exchange are provided. For example, there are several Japanese language courses tailored to international students with various language levels, and we can undertake training of Japanese conversation with Japanese students. In addition, students and staff from various departments and countries enjoy chat at lunch time every week
    Lastly, I would like to give a message to ones who are planning to enroll in IGSES

    IGSES is a stage for students holding a dream endeavor to study and to overcome many difficulties, and lastly realize their dreams. In such processes, an active attitude to struggle as well as to find solutions or ideas by their creative thinking ability based on their experience and knowledge is essential.