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Scholarships are gift funds awarded to students based on academic achievement; special talent, interests, or qualities; financial need; or other criteria defined by the scholarship donor. This page provides links to major scholarship sources.

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho MEXT) Scholarship

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (文部科学省 Monbu-kagaku-shō), known as MEXT offers scholarships to international students who wish to study in graduate courses at Japanese universities under the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program.

  • ▶ Scholarship Benefits
    • The Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship program for international students offers a fully funded scholarship to qualified applicants. The scholarships are designed to cover the following items:
    • Allowance
      Each successful applicant will be provided with a monthly stipend of roughly 145,000 JPY as a regular doctoral course student. However, the precise amount of the stipend is subject to minor change depending upon the annual budget of the Japanese government for each fiscal year.
    • Traveling Costs
      Each successful applicant will be provided with an economy class flight ticket from the international airport nearest to their home address to the international airport nearest to the designated university in Japan as well as a return ticket after the successful completion of their degree.
    • School Fees
      All fees for matriculation, tuition and entrance examinations at the university will be paid by the Japanese government.
  • ▶ Scholarship Acquisition Approaches
  • The Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences (IGSES) at Kyushu University offers several educational programs for Doctoral and Masters course students. There are three recommended approaches to obtain a Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship as described below:

    1. Embassy recommendation
      In this approach, the applicants will be screened and recommended by a Japanese embassy in their home nation. Japanese embassies usually open the call for applicants between April and May. As the application process differs slightly according to the country in which the Japanese embassy is located, please inquire at the embassy or consulate general in your country for the specific details.
      Successful applicants who utilize this approach are firstly enrolled into the university as “research students”. This is a special term which allows the student to conduct research under the direction of their supervisor but undertake no other educational activities. Such students are neither classified as Masters or Doctoral candidates. This special status can last for approximately 1 year after which the student should transfer to the appropriate Masters or Doctoral Program. As such this status may be regarded as a precursor position before undertaking formal study.

      A Research Student position can be obtained via the Embassy Recommendation approach to obtain a MEXT scholarship. This is a special appointment which allows the student to conduct experimental research under the supervision of an appropriate Professor. During the time spent as a Research Student, no formal participation in other educational activities is required.
      Research Students are not classified as Masters or Doctoral candidates and hence are not affiliated to any particular program or school. The maximum period a Research Student is able to receive a MEXT scholarship is 2 years. After each 6-month interval during this 2-year timeframe it is possible to transfer to an applicable Masters or Doctoral program depending on the entrance requirements of the program of interest. IGSES requires Research Students to re-register with the graduate school for each 6-month period. During the time employed as a Research Student, the value of the MEXT scholarship is the same as that for a Masters student.
      Appointment as a Research Student is an excellent opportunity to focus on research work only and obtain publications before undertaking formal study. After the period of Research Student has expired, there is no obligation to join either a Masters or Doctoral program. The only academic requirement for appointment is candidates must hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in an appropriate subject and meet the conditions outlined by the embassy.

    3. University Recommendation
      Kyushu University submits a list of excellent applicants to MEXT every year, and around 10 to 12 applicants are awarded with a MEXT scholarship. In our graduate school, IGSES, one or two applicants are usually successful in this screening process and enroll in the doctoral course.

      >> Application process
      The IGSES student affairs division does not directly receive the documents from the applicants. An IGSES faculty member who has assessed the abilities and expertise of the applicant and agreed to supervise them submits the necessary application documents.
      If you want to apply through this channel and to study in our graduate school, the first step is to find a potential supervisor among the faculty members of IGSES by looking at the website. Then you must persuade the professor to recommend you as one of the candidates for Kyushu University MEXT scholarship.

      >> Eligibility (for enrollment in October 2019)
      • At least a bachelor-level educated excellent international student who is currently living outside of Japan and able to come to Japan from October 2019 to study.
      • The grade point average (GPA) in the last 2 years of undergraduate study must be at least 2.3 on 3.0 scale.
      • Applicants must have been born on or after April 2, 1984.

      >> Time line of the application (tentative)
      January, 2019
      Deadline of application documents from a potential supervisor to the student affairs division

      June, 2019
      Notification of the screening result

      October 1, 2019
      Enrollment in the doctoral program at IGSES

    5. Intellectual Exchange and Innovation (IEI) Program
      The Intellectual Exchange and Innovation (IEI) Program is a three year doctoral course which is financially supported by the Japanese Government. It offers 10 annual MEXT scholarships to excellent international students. Please visit the IEI program link for more details(LINK).

      Since the initial period of support for the IEI program will be finished in 2018, it is not yet clear if the IEI program can accept applicants from October 2019.
    6. Note: An acceptance letter from an IGSES faculty member is required for all three approaches of scholarship acquisition, please look at the list of potential supervisors who are able to accept international students (LINK).


Kyushu University Friendship Scholarship

Kyushu University invites students from abroad who attend prestigious universities in their home country and who will play an important role in their nation’s future. By offering them a chance to study abroad at Kyushu University, the scheme aims to foster the nation’s future leaders, maintain good relations with Kyushu University, and play the role of point of contact to cultivate joint research and bring in external capital depending on their course or career after graduation.

  • Eligibility:
    Undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in a non-Japanese university that is recognized as a leading university in that country and has been producing graduates playing an active part as leaders within every sector of society. Term of Study: 3 to 12 months
  • Number of Students:
    Up to 8 people within the budget for each of the two terms.
  • Grants
    - Travel expenses of up to 100,000 JPY
    - Scholarships of 80,000 JPY per month for undergraduate students
    100,000 JPY per month for graduate students
  • Examination and matriculation fees and tuition will be waived
    according to the provision in an agreement or memorandum of student
    exchange signed between the recipient’s home university and Kyushu University.
  • Detailed information is provided here