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Kyushu University (KU) is spread widely across the city of Fukuoka and comprises Ito, Hakozaki, Hospital, Ohashi and Chikushi campuses. Members of KU are able to access and utilize the vast resources across the five campuses using the IC Card.

Chikushi Campus

Chikushi Campus which houses the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences (IGSES) and two further research institutes (Research Institute for Applied Mechanics and Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering) is a compact and convenient campus of Kyushu University located in Kasuga City.

The campus is located in peaceful residential area served by numerous transportation links allowing access to central Fukuoka in less than 30 minutes.

Chikushi Campus is a 5-minute walk from the nearest train station (Onojo station, JR Kagoshima line).


The building known as “C-CUBE” provides various common spaces for educational exchanges, such as an auditorium, a library, an event hall, an-elearning facility, and experimental rooms for collaborative research.

Japanese language and cultural exchange events are also held regularly in C-CUBE. A weekly lunch-hour gathering is a good opportunity for students and faculty members from various backgrounds to mingle in different languages.Religious services can also be held by members of the relevant community.

A branch of Kyushu University library, known as the Chikushi Library is located on the 1st and 2nd floor of C-Cube. The library is stocked with a mixture of Japanese and English language materials with many technical books available in English as well as numerous MAC and pc terminals available for public use. Additionally, it is also possible to access the full complement of the Kyushu University library by using the inter library loan service.

Amenity facility

The building known as “Vista Hall” houses a restaurant, a small convenience store, and a fitness room for students. Often this public space is used for seasonal events, such as the new student welcoming party. The restaurant provides Japanese as well as Halal cuisine of many choices. In the southern area of the Chikushi Campus, there is a multipurpose sports field and a tennis court. Every weekend, not only students and staff members of Kyushu University, but also people from the local community enjoy soccer, ball games, and tennis.

Ito Campus

The new flagship campus of Kyushu University known as the Ito campus is located in the western part of Fukuoka city in the middle of the Itoshima peninsula.

The surrounding Itoshima area is mostly rural and is a wonderful place full of nature where people can enjoy a range of outdoor activities such as camping beach walking, surfing and many sightseeing points.

Kyushu University Ito campus is part of a new purpose built academic town in Fukuoka (Kyudai Gakken-toshi), which opened in 2005. The new campus has the largest area of any university in Japan (2nd: Tsukuba University, 3rd: Tokyo University).


Fukuoka, Itoshima Peninsula and Kyushu University Ito Campus

Currently Ito campus houses the Engineering Department and the General Education Department (for 1st and 2nd year students). Many areas are still under construction and in the near future the Humanities Department, Science Department and Agriculture Department will all move to this campus. The campus has an extensive range of modern equipment enabling faculty to continue their world leading research for the next generation at Kyushu University.


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