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Joao Tales Oliveira da Silva Ph.D. 2012 (Brazil)


Department : Energy and Environmental Engineering

Doctoral degree supervisor :

 Prof. Jun Tanimoto , Prof. Aya Hagishima


I studied urban and architectural environment engineering during my master and doctor courses in Kyushu University, from 2005 to 2011. It was a long time of hard working, difficult and good moments, but I learned a lot from my supervisors and colleagues about perseverance and attitude towards research and knowledge. It can be summarized in the word “kufuu”, a word I heard often, that means to ingeniously device a way, a method to solve a problem or situation. That attitude I still carry in my professional life.

Life in the campus and in Fukuoka is really exciting because the city is not too big and it has everything you need. The campi of Kyushu University have excellent infrastructure, so a student will have everything he/she needs to succeed in his/her studies. I recommend it to anyone avid to study and pursuing knowledge.

Kyushu University


九州大学 工学部 融合基礎工学科



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