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The various tuition, enrollment and administration fees are summarized in the table below.


Tuition Fee (Annual payment)

Enrollment Fee (One off payment)

Admission Fee
(One off payment)

Graduate students

535,800 JPY/year

282,000 JPY

30,000 JPY

Non-degree Students

29,700 JPY/year

84,600 JPY

9,800 JPY

  • ▶ Graduate students, who can demonstrate an excellent academic aptitude as well as severe financial hardship, may apply for a bursary which covers up to 50% of the tuition fees and up to 100% of the Enrollment Fee.
  • ▶ Students who are awarded MEXT scholarship are exempted from the above fees.
  • ▶ Applicants must pay an administration fee during the admission process several months before enrollment (See an application guideline for each course).
  • ▶ The due date of the admission fee is around September 20, but students may be allowed to postpone the payment until around the end of February by submitting a petition of extension.
  • ▶ The due date for the tuition fees is in the first month of each semester (October 31 and April 30). Students are encouraged to pay the tuition fees on time, however there is no penalty if the payment is delayed until December of the 1st semester and July of the second. If the fees are still unpaid after December or July, there is a substantial penalty.


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